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Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Postby reginafancy » Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:58 am

And it's also common for test strips to be poorly Blood Sugar Formula Review calibrated. Makers of glucose test strips don't want to be sued because a diabetic did not know they had potentially low blood sugars, became hypoglycemic and were involved in an accident. That's why test strips give readings that are lower than the true value. That's great for avoiding hypoglycemia, but it's bad for day-to-day blood glucose control. Actual sugar levels taken from the capillary blood of your finger are higher than the blood sugar levels in your vein, except during pregnancy, when they are usually the same.

Every time I go to the doctor's office, I see a sign with a cartoon on it that says "Be sure to take off your socks and shoes if you're diabetic." I've been asked by family members what that means; here's the answer.Diabetes can damage nerves. It's called diabetic neuropathy, which means that the nerves don't always feel sensations such as pain when an injury happens. It can do a lot of other things, such as send false pain signals to the brain as well.

That's not the only threat diabetes poses for your feet. The immune system is not as strong and it doesn't fight off infections easily. Clogged arteries occur at an earlier age in diabetics, which can lessen the blood flow to the legs and feet. Without feeling in the feet, an injury may go unnoticed. These injuries are more prone to infection and they don't heal as quickly. In fact, some wounds can take years to heal. Unfortunately, there are also some that lead to amputations. The earlier these wounds are found and treated, the less likely and amputation will be required.
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