Teamspeak IP changing

Teamspeak IP changing

Postby stealth » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:21 pm

I just received an e-mail from multiplay. Here's the relevant part:
We are currently carrying out a large number of upgrades to our network in order to greatly improve the stability of the service we provide and we are emailing you today to let you know that we will be making some changes to your service next week as part of these upgrades.

We have scheduled this outage on:

Monday 30th September 2013 for approximately 60 minutes between the hours of:
9am (GMT +1) and 6pm (GMT+1)

Unfortunately part of the changes we're making require the IP address of your server to change and whilst we try to prevent this where possible, we haven't been able to on this occasion. We are however able to provide the new IP address that your server will be moving to. This will be:

tl;dr Teamspeak IP is changing to on the 30/09/2013

If you use one of the following domains in your bookmarks they should update automatically to the new IP address:

I will update the dns entry for on the 30th as well, but it could take several hours to update. If you want to connect immediately the best solution is to use the new IP once you notice the old one doesn't work anymore.
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