Here's a guide how to join our teamspeak server. Teamspeak is a VOIP system that we use to communicate within the league. It's a cool place to hang out even if your not playing games you can discuss anything you like, even your favorite kind of pancake toppings.

Basic Information

  • IP:
  • There is no password

How to install TS3 and join our server

First off you need to download the client if you don't already have it. You can grab it here.

You need the CLIENT, 32 or 64-bit depends on your version of windows. Do you have 32 or 64-bit windows? If you have no idea what I'm talking about grab the 32-bit version :)

Once downloaded follow the setup as you would with any other installer.

Once you've successfully installed the software fire it up and go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks or press Ctrl+B

This will open a new window. Right click in the window and select add new server. Proceed to fill in the server details and a username.

Once that's done right click the server name and click Connect or click Bookmarks in the Main window and click on the server name in the bookmarks list.

That's it! You can now hear people talking and if you have a microphone you can join in the conversation.


If you connect to the server by pressing the button above you might have the default name "TeamSpeakUser". To change your name go to Self in the menubar and then Change Nickname. You can then proceed to type in a new name.

If you have any other problems or issues don't hesitate to ask on our forums.

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